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Noto Peninsula – The Mindbending Seashore

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Koji Beach

Kanazawa is an usual city to stay for tourists but rare are those who venture further. Noto Peninsula is not far away and will show you a different site of Japan, with a rich nature.

Day 1

Wake up early, from Kanazawa there is a 44km drive to your first checkpoint for today! This is the Chirihama Driveway. This is some kind of highway on the beach, where you can drive quite freely and stop anywhere. It’s 8km long!

After you finished your nice sandy drive, head towards the Myojoji Temple, 16km away from here. There is a 5-floors high pagoda, built originally in 1618. Enjoy this temple, it will be the only one of this itinerary.

Ready for an original destination? Let’s head to the Longest Bench in the World (世界一長いベンチ)! It’s 24km away. It was probably actually built to attract people like us to the peninsula for a weird reason, and in all honesty, it doesn’t look like it works; you will probably all by yourself on that bench. It is not actually the longest one anymore, but it still an interesting spot to stop by and the beach is nice and clean.

Now I propose you to cross the peninsula. 44km away, mark the Anamizu Village as your next destination. This place has a lot for you to love: a tiny wooden village, old boats and other sea. If you look hard enough, you might even notice the ghost of a doctor wandering around an abandoned clinic.

Scared? Let’s be back to the city. Well, a tiny one! Tonight, you will sleep at Wajima. Make sure you stroll in the town center, lot of izakaya are waiting for your visit.

Day 2

I doubt you like dried fish, but walk to the Wajima Morning Market. My recommendation there would be to try a bowl of rice topped with fugu. If you are more traditional, you can also have soba!

Get back to your car and drive to Koji Beach, 13km from here. This is my secret spot so keep it for yourself! You will find a little Torii securing the entrance to a tiny island. The sea around it is of an magnificent emerald blue… that’s a call for a morning sweet swim.

Refreshed, drive 13km more towards another mysterious island, Mitsukejima. The locals also call it Gunkanjima, the Battleship Island, although it looks very different from the eponymous abandoned island in Nagasaki. Take the time to walk to it, there is another little Torii to find here, where birds love resting.

We are now not far from the end of peninsula, marked by the picturesque Rokkozaki Lighthouse, 24km away. I recommend you to get a bento from the combini on the way, and enjoy it there. You can also find restaurants around the tip of the peninsula.

Let’s get back on the other side of the peninsula. The next stop is Okunato Salt Village, 23km away. They use a specific technique, which is only possible to see here. If you want to experience salt making, you will need to book in advance. Let’s now drive 14km more.

The next one is my favorite spot on the peninsula: the Senmaida Ricefields. They are best in Winter – every paddy is surrounded by LEDs – but there are always very nice in Spring and Summer.

44km later, you can enjoy a little relaxing stop at Sekinohana then drive 18km more to arrive at the Ganmon Cave. This cave looks like a gate and there are also tide pools around that you can explore. The sunset from here is nice and you can wait for it, maybe you will be able to spot the sun right in the middle of the gate!

Take your time to go back to Kanazawa, there are 72km still to run. Then enjoy a nice local restaurants. We are done for today! 🙂

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